A non-profit organization dedicated to providing a safe space for autistic self-advocacy

Our Mission

We aim to provide a safe, intersectional space for autistics to advocate for themselves. We want to take control of the conversation around autism and let everyone know that nothing can be done for autistics without autistics.

We are a loud and proud autistic team breaking stigmas and encouraging acceptance. We’re taking a stand against things like ABA and similar therapies, and some of the “big name” organizations that would rather cure autism than help support and create a neurodivergent affirming society for autistic people to live in.


Your donations directly benefit the autistic community and allow us to continue to provide free resources and connections.


Are you interested in joining the AU team? With several open volunteer positions within the organization, we welcome you to join the effort.


All merch proceeds go directly to funding our organization. An itemized list of how we spend this money will soon be found on our website.

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Am I Autistic? Your Guide To Self-Evaluation And Navigating The Clinical Assessment Process

Most autistic people are likely undiagnosed, unidentified adults. With the increased awareness and the amplified voices of autistic people, many adults who went undiagnosed as a child are now discovering their neurodivergence For many, this realization is the first step on a journey toward self-discovery and clarity. The process of self-evaluation and going through a…

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