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Dogs For Divergents


The team at Autistics Unmasked has seen firsthand the incredible and life-saving support that service dogs can provide for autistic people but we recognize that the accessibility for service dogs is not where it should be. In order to be the change we want to see, we have begun to develop a program we call Dogs For Divergents. 

Applications for this program will open twice a year with limited slots to start. Applicants will be put on a list for a started Standard Poodle service dog from a litter bred by Above The Standard located in Southampton, NJ. We have chosen Above The Standard as our partner in this because of the quality of training their dogs get, the care that goes into the breeding program, and the transparency throughout the breeding, raising, and training of their dogs. 

With the help of our communities and generous donors, we hope to be able to launch this program at full capacity by the end of 2023.


Bring service dog education to your school, place of employment, after school program and more! Please email us at to inquire about our service dog educational course taught by our CEO Ky Kennedy, The Bare Necessities: Hopefully Everything You Want To Know About Service Dogs. This course covers the basics of service dog breeding, training and your rights as a handler. It can be modified for any age/demographic including preschool, grade school, secondary school, college and places of employment. We recommend this course for any business/organization who is committed to making a safer, more inclusive world for disabled people and their service dogs.

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Many people do not realize that service dogs can cost a person anywhere from $10,000-$50,000 and though service dogs are a medical necessity, they are not covered by insurance. In an effort to provide these dogs to our applicants at little to no cost, we are asking our communities to help us raise $45,000/year to go towards the cost of the dogs from Above The Standard as well as being able to provide assistance with travel and lodging for those of our applicants who may be low income.

Please email us at to make a donation via check or paypal for this program. 

Service Dog Pip

After feeling judged or dismissed talking to many service dog trainers and organizations, finding Above The Standard and their program was a true blessing for me and my family. We were professionally matched with a wonderful dog who met our needs, supported physically and emotionally by the staff from day one, and have enjoyed becoming a part of the ATS family of trainers and handlers. I truly cannot say enough good things about this program after searching for over 4 years for understanding and support!

Service Dog Sadie

I cannot thank Emily and everyone at ATS enough for connecting me with Sadie. The time spent to help me learn how to work with her was valuable beyond belief, and so much care was taken to ensure we’d succeed as a team. I wholeheartedly recommend ATS to anyone who needs a well-trained dog in their life, service dog or not.

Service Dog Baloo

After almost a year of searching for a service dog and having been turned down by several of the larger organizations because I’m not blind, a veteran or a child under the age of 12, I was nearly ready to give up. Thankfully, I came across Above The Standard just in time. Kind, reliable and transparent, this team of professionals is absolutely unmatched. When you meet the dogs from their breeding program you’ll understand why they call themselves “Above the Standard”. Baloo has absolutely changed my life permanently and for the better, I can’t thank the ATS team enough.