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Kylia Page Kennedy (they/she)

A selfie of Kylia, a black woman with curly black hair, wearing light blue transparent glasses, small gold hoop earrings and a teal shirt.

I’m Kylia/Kyle/Ky, the CEO of Autistics Unmasked. My pronouns are they/she! I am an autistic ADHDer. Some of my interests include dancing, writing (poetry and journaling), meditating and being out in nature.

I am a full time mom to a 2-year-old and I also have my own Lactation Consulting business (@sweetnectarlactation). I’m very excited to be taking the lead on this journey with my sister, our Creative Director.

Safiya Yasmeen (she/her)

A selfie of Safiya, a black woman with black circular glasses, in a car with a her seatbelt on. dressed as a flower fairy with pink wings, a yellow flower headband and a purple flower necklace

I’m Safiya/Saf/Yaz, the Creative Director of Autistics Unmasked. I use she/her pronouns, and I am turning 21 this Saturday! I received my autism diagnosis in October 2020.

Some of my interests include art, cartoons, stardew valley, playing the ukulele, and baking.

I have my own art business @artsy.safiya where I am currently taking digital commissions! You can also follow my personal account @safiya_yasmeen if you’d like!

Creative Team

Sam (they/them)


Sam has dark purple hair and a septum piercing. They are wearing a jean jacket with sweatpants, sitting in a car with their legs scrunched up. A frog tattoo is visible on their arm.

I’m Sam, my pronouns are they/them. You can usually find me immersed in history (specifically the Wars of the Roses) documentaries, or cuddled up with as many fur babies as I can find.

Violet/Newt Rosell (they/he)


Violet has short, light orange hair. They are wearing black glasses, a black t-shirt, and octopus earrings. They are doing a peace sign with one hand.

I joined because I recently found out I was autistic, and I want to learn more about autism and help my community. 
Special Interests: My special interests are art/drawing and sea life! I know a lot of facts about octopi and squid. 

Kamia Bryan (she/they)

Website Coordinator

I work on website design for Autistics Unmasked. My pronouns are they/she and I love music and film. 

Here you can find our mission, our resources, meet the team, and send us a message! If you’re interested in becoming a part of the team, click here!

Bee De Jesus (they/them)

Creative Directory Manager

Bee has short, dark hair. They are wearing eye makeup, a necklace, and a black tank top.

I’m responsible for recruiting autistic creatives to feature on our creative directory and join our creative team. You can find our creative directory on our website! I joined this team to gather and spread knowledge about the autistic community in order to help others! 

Reid Madden (he/him)

Social Media Content Creator

Reid has brown hair and is standing in front of a brick wall. He is smiling towards the camera wearing a red T-shirt and a navy blue jumper.

I’m one of the people who make our organization’s social media posts. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! I’m excited to show the world how diverse the Autism community truly is. 
Special Interests: Pop music history and technology. Ask what my favorite synthesizer is!

Trevour Jackson-Carpenter (he/they)

Social Media Content Creator

I am on the social media team for Autistics Unmasked that mainly handles TikTok.

I am 20 years old and in my 2nd year of college. My special interests and hobbies include Pokémon card and cd collecting, music, video games, educating people on autism, and working on intersectionality.

Calamity (she/they)

Social Media Content Creator

Hi! I’m Calamity and I work with the creative team, specifically with their TikTok content! I was eager to join AU because, despite the recent attention on social media to autism, there is a serious lack of BIPOC representation. I am passionate about bringing these voices to the forefront of the conversation!. I am also a content creator, game developer, writer, and producer with a huge love for video games, music, dance, and encouraging creativity in others!

Board of Directors

Amanda Day (she/they)


Amanda is standing outside in front of a white house. They have long, pinkish red hair, and are wearing an off-white shirt. They are smiling at the camera.

Hi, my name is Amanda Day! (she/they) I currently serve as the President of the Board here at Autistics Unmasked. I am a 26-year-old mother to two beautiful children. I’m blessed to have found my life partner and be married 5 years now! I have a special interests in the categories of: Astrology, and Astronomy.

I am an intuitive medium and love help creating a safe space for people in more ways than one. I believe it is our duty to facilitate open, safe spaces for Autistic folk and Allistics to merge and discuss important topics surrounding but not limited to intersectional justice with a focus on creating anti-oppressive and identity confirming laws within society that benefit and support Autistic folk, and gender diversity with a focus on non binary and transgender.

Liz (they/she)

Vice President

Liz is standing next to a tree near a creek with their arms resting on the branches. They have dark hair and glasses, and they are wearing a gray flannel over a black shirt with ripped jeans.

Hello! I am Liz (they/she), the Vice President of Autistics Unmasked. I study History as a graduate student with University of Connecticut through a Critical (Environmental/Disability/Queer/Race) Theory lens, although I am currently on extended medical leave of absence.

In addition to those special interests that I’ve pursued in academia, I also have lifelong special interests in marine mammals, reading nonfiction (currently reading Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer), and Star Trek. Deep Space Nine is my favorite series, but I love all things Trek. I am also a practicing witch and I find that learning about spirituality, religion & the occult is another long-term special interest of mine.
I’m grateful to be part of such a spectacularly talented team and I look forward to supporting, advocating, growing, loving & learning with our community!