Education Department

Autistics Unmasked is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a safe space for autistic self-advocacy. We are an organization run by & for autistics.

Ongoing Projects

The Team

2022-2023 Parent Education Course Registration

Our 2022-2023 Parent Education Course is a virtual workshop designed for parents & caretakers of autistic children, as well as young autistic adults. The course aims to inform about the autistic neurotype, the history of the autistic advocacy movement, as well as how to support your autistic loved ones in & outside of the classroom. Each course is followed by a Q&A discussion. 

Opal (she/they) – Head of Education

I’m Opal, a nonbinary creative & Head of Education with Autistics Unmasked. I’m responsible for developing AU’s educational content & messaging. Outside of the organization, I work as a disability counselor by day & a professional tarot reader by night.

My special interests are animation, media production, & the color pink. My mission is to help reduce stigmas & harm within disabled, working-class, & black/brown communities.

Trevour (he/they) – Educator

I am on the Education team at Autistics Unmasked. I am 20 years old and in my 2nd year of college. My special interests and hobbies include roller skating, Pokémon card, and cd collecting, music, video games, educating people on autism, and working on intersectionality.

Ryanne (she/her) – Educator

I’m an educator with Autistics Unmasked. I am so excited about the opportunity to fight misinformation about autism on a larger scale. Special interests: autism, human behavior/psychology, history, human evolution, true crime.