Welcome to Autistics Unmasked!

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here are some things you should know

We have an all-autistic staff.

Here, we fully believe that the people who fully understand what the autistic community needs are autistic people.

We are committed to diversity and nuance.

We know that nothing takes place in a vacuum. Autistic people belong to thousands of other marginalized communities, ethnic groups, cultural identities, economic classes, etc.; those pieces matter and impact an individuals autistic experience. We want all of our spaces to be safe and intersectional.

We do not use functioning and support needs labels.

We believe that no one has the right to deem how they function or what amount of support they need except that individual person.

We use identity-first language.

Autism isn’t an accessory that we can take off and on. It is an inherent part of our identity and deserves to be treated as such.

Self-diagnosis is 100% valid.

A Clinical DX can be extremely hard to obtain for many reasons; not everyone has the privilege of getting one. Also, a Clinical DX isn’t always what an autistic person needs and can put someone in a genuine place of vulnerability. For all these reasons, Autistics Unmasked believes in self-diagnosed autistic people.

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by Ky Kennedy, Co-Founder + CEO


Education Department:

Autistics Unmasked is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a safe space for autistic self-advocacy. We are an organization run by & for autistics

Email us at: education@autisticsunmasked.org

Research Department:

Autistics Unmasked has an #ActuallyAutistic team dedicated to conducting research on all things related to being autistic.

The Research Team collaborates with the Education Team and the Social Media Team in helping to make academic research, statistics, and articles accessible for AU and the wider autistic community. The Research Team works on several projects that aim to collect and share information for the benefit of the autistic community

Email us at: education@autisticsunm

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