Am I Autistic? Your Guide To Self-Evaluation And Navigating The Clinical Assessment Process

Most autistic people are likely undiagnosed, unidentified adults.

With the increased awareness and the amplified voices of autistic people, many adults who went undiagnosed as a child are now discovering their neurodivergence

For many, this realization is the first step on a journey toward self-discovery and clarity.

The process of self-evaluation and going through a clinical autism assessment can be challenging. The Autistics Unmasked Research Team has created this guide to accompany you on your journey. We hope you find it helpful during your assessment process and after it.

This guide is mainly directed at adults who think they might be autistic, but it may also serve as a source of information for anyone seeking to learn about autism and better understand autistic people.

You can download the guide for free from the Autistics Unmasked DPD store.

If you find this guide helpful, consider donating to AU at If you are a representative of an institution or are planning to distribute this guide more widely, we encourage you to get in touch to agree on an appropriate donation.

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